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Reasons for small-volume purchases:
1. the minimum packaging problem
In the procurement of parts for electronic products, the parts are shipped in a minimum package with a certain base. Small electronic components such as transistors, capacitors, resistors, and micro-processing chips have a minimum package size of hundreds or more. In the trial production of a product of tens of thousands of enterprises, the requirements of various electronic components are only a few or even one, but they have to buy back a component with a minimum package base, thus causing great waste and making the product R&D and trial production are high, and in addition to electronic components, small-volume parts with small parts will face the smallest packaging problem.

2. the minimum batch problem
In addition to the smallest packaging issues, small-volume purchases sometimes face minimal batch issues. The so-called minimum batch refers to the production of the product cannot be produced in the smallest product unit due to the process, production equipment or transportation. It must be produced with a certain base as the production unit. Otherwise, the product cannot be produced. Therefore, such small-volume purchases of products that require a certain base number for the smallest production unit due to process or equipment will face a minimum batch problem.

3. the lowest cost problem
For some products, there is no minimum batch requirement for process and equipment during the production process. However, in some processes, within a minimum quantity, the consumption of single-piece production and multi-piece production costs is the same. Therefore, in calculating the process The unit cost is hundreds of times that of mass production. In fact, such problems are encountered in the production of many products, the production cost of the product within a minimum base, but the cost of mass production is proportional to the multiple of the minimum base. Therefore, small-volume purchases will also face a minimum cost issue.

4. research and development sample stage sample requirements
Manufacturers of electronic materials need to go through a sample testing process to achieve product selection. During the selection process, various materials with different functions and different materials are required for comparison, evaluation and testing to help the manufacturer to shape the product.


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